Professional LED illuminations

Twinkly Pro

State-of-the-art lighting technology.

Twinkly Pro consists of intelligent addressable LED points - classic and multicoloured - connected via a phone and cloud app. The result is a professional solution illuminations with the greatest simplicity and zero hardware/software barriers.

Illuminations perfect for any occasion

Illuminations are magnificent, colourful and striking decorations that can be used in any location and at any event. Illuminations are most often used when celebrating important events, decorating cities and streets during the festive season or lighting up parks and botanical gardens. Their use makes it possible to provide an amazing aesthetic experience, set the desired mood and highlight a place. Another advantage illuminations is their flexibility. There is a wide choice of colours and styles, allowing them to match any occasion, object or building. They can be placed anywhere with different shapes and are ideal to complement any type of theme such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, fairy tale, etc. The products offered by our company are simple to set up and install, significantly reducing the cost of the investment. Take a look at the possibilities of our illuminations described below.

Create illuminations

Set up a lighting system without any tools or expensive systems. Amazing decorations are at your fingertips. You would never guess how easy it is!

Twinkly PRO decoration


Without thinking about the placement of the bulbs; close your eyes and hang up.


Get the layout of the lights using your smartphone's camera and the Twinkly mobile app.

Twinkly PRO technology


Apply amazing effects from the gallery or create your own with the app and a few moves.

Illuminations Twinkly Pro

Twinkly Pro is Twinkly's most extensive product, designed for all decorating and holiday enthusiasts. It is an intelligent system luminous illumination, which allows you to create unique lighting displays thanks to a large range of effects and automatic mapping capabilities. You can easily customise your lighting with the Twinkly App mobile app. The app allows you to design and adapt lighting effects to your arrangement. The app also offers a prepared library of ready-made animations and effects. Twinkly solutions are compatible with each other and can be combined regardless of their mutual arrangement. The console allows remote control of any Twinkly device connected to the Internet, giving us full control in real time. What's more, you can also use the Twinkly Pro Cloud Console to import audio and video content and synchronise music along with lighting effects.


Intuitive and simple installation, without tools without electricians without designers


State-of-the-art technology in robust and reliable equipment.

You choose,
Twinkly App does all the rest.

Available for iOS devices, the Twinkly app is a complete dashboard for managing and controlling decorations of up to 30,000 LEDs.

Twinkly Pro Application

*UI of the application is subject to change during regular updates and new features

Control the lights
Wherever you are.

A cloud-based panel is key to controlling the installation from any connected device.

*UI of the application is subject to change during regular updates and new features

Unlimited possibilities illuminations Twinkly Pro

The fact that our range is extensive and our products allow for any configuration gives you unlimited possibilities in creating unique light illuminations. Our product range includes chains, curtains, icicles, garlands, modules and much more. Each diode can handle up to 16 million colours! In addition, in our creator you can control the intensity of the colours, as well as the time, speed and direction of the animation.

If you would like to find out more about our products, we warmly invite you to take a look at our brochure and product catalogue.

Advantages of using illuminations

Twinkly Pro products have a number of applications and advantages. The most important advantages which make it worth choosing our products are: the possibility of obtaining an unlimited number of colours, thanks to the RGB or RGB+W diode system. The high-quality materials used to manufacture our products ensure durability and resistance to mechanical damage. A very wide range of animation options including movement, speed, colour intensity as well as the uploading of your own material in gif, jpg and MP4 formats.

Illuminations Twinkly and Twinkly Pro

Our light decorations are of the highest quality and the technology we use is innovative. We have many patents that allow us to stand out from the competition. Mapping the position of each diode, makes it possible to create very complex and accurate effects and animations. All you need is an app, internet access and a smartphone. Our offer is aimed at both individual and business customers. Twinkly Pro is the ideal solution for creating custom lighting installations from shop windows to entire building facades to wedding halls and artistic compositions both indoors and outdoors.

The products, as well as the Twinkly application itself, are constantly being expanded. New features are constantly being introduced to expand the range and satisfy the most demanding customers. The LED decorations offered by our company will never become bored or obsolete, as they are always being improved.

You are more than welcome to contact us.

Key solutions


2D / 3D smartphone
LED mapping


various connectivity options
as you need


select, edit, create,
download ready-made decorations


synchronise and connect devices
into one professional set


duplicate entire chains and effects
or match individual diodes


convenient control panel
remote control of decorations

Countless opportunities.

We have a selection of light sources that vary in bulb types and colour range. You are sure to find what you are looking for and more....

Illuminations for the home and garden

Light decorations placed in the home or garden are most often associated with the holidays. It is true that this time of year is special for most of us and we want to give it a unique character. Of course, this is not the only time we reach for light decorations. We also offer many products that will be perfect not only for the Christmas tree, but for the terrace, garden, house wall or desk. Our devices are compatible with Razer Chroma™ RGB, OMEN Studio and Spotify so you can synchronise the lights with your favourite game and music. This allows for additional lighting effects during, for example, a winning play or the type of music in the background.

Our realisations

We can
even more

Discover the full range of Twinkly's offerings - download our brochure and technical specification sheets to get a better idea of the upcoming innovations!