Twinkly PRO technology

Intelligent LED lights for professionals

Lighting installations with intelligent LEDs

Twinkly Pro is a technological evolution of traditional light decoration and a true innovation for the entire lighting industry. Twinkly Pro lights have been developed to harness the enormous potential of intelligent LED lighting. By developing the hardware and software platform, the installer can create fantastic lighting scenes that previously required specific technical knowledge and a lot of time to implement. Twinkly Pro includes decorative lighting, a wide range of accessories and an advanced software platform that can be used on mobile devices via an app.

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What you can get with Twinkly

With Twinkly Pro, you can create your own lighting scene because you can control each individual LED - change its colour, light intensity and effects and adjust them as you wish. You can select or design animation effects that will play on the lights as if they were pixels on a large screen.

It is also possible to create a playlist of lighting effects to be played one after the other. Twinkly Pro is suitable for both small installations, such as a medium-sized tree, and more complex installations, such as lighting a village street or shopping centre. It may all seem very complicated, but in reality the process is quick and easy with the Twinkly app.

Technology used by Twinkly Pro

The miniaturisation of electronics in recent years has made it possible to mount very small electronic circuits inside LEDs, giving them an intelligence that offers new decorative possibilities. Each LED has a unique address and, when switched on, can recognise the instructions sent in the data stream along the electrical cable.

Instructions are sent from a central unit, or 'controller', managed individually or synchronously with other controllers by the Twinkly app installed on a mobile device.

Twinkly Pro solutions

Twinkly PRO products:
- Twinkly Pro Lights (light chains, light curtains, light bulb chains);
- Controllers (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, MusicPlayer, Connection HUB );
- Accessories (port splitter, extender).

The Twinkly app can be installed on an Apple smartphone or tablet running iOS 11 or later. With it, you can configure all decorations and create creative light shows.

Twinkly Console is a web-based application that allows remote control of the installation via a web browser.

Twinkly LEDs and colours

You can choose your Twinkly Pro light chain based on the colour of the light.


LED RGB is a combination of 3 LEDs with different colours: red, green and blue. By adjusting the light intensity of each LED, millions of different colours can be created.



RGB LEDs cannot reproduce traditional white, so RGB+W was developed. RGB+W LEDs are a combination of 4 LEDs with the colours red, green, blue and warm white.



AWW LEDs are a combination of 3 amber, warm white and cold white LEDs. This version allows for light of all varieties (from gold to silver to bronze).


Twinkly PRO installation

Twinkly Pro is characterised by simple and fast installation

Twinkly Pro LED light distribution

I. Arrangement of lights

The lights can be wrapped around a tree, a pillar or hung on a wall or roof. You can also place the lights one on top of the other. It is important to arrange the lights so that the LEDs are as evenly distributed as possible. Connection to controller and router or switch (if necessary) The hardest part is choosing the right controller. The first thing to consider is the number of lights you want to manage.

Before we discuss controller types, we would like to introduce a new concept, the controller group. A controller group is a set of controllers managed by the Twinkly application as if it were a single device. A single controller can therefore power and manage a maximum number of LEDs, but at the same time can be added to a larger group.

II. Inspection and installation

Twinkly Pro offers two types of controller, each of which can operate a specific number of LEDs.

Wi-Fi controller
up to 500 LEDs per controller
up to 5,000 LEDs per group
(or max. 10 devices)
up to 500 LEDs per controller
up to 5,000 LEDs per group
(or max. 10 devices)
Ethernet controllerup to 1,500 LEDs per controller
up to 60,000 LEDs per group
up to 1,500 LEDs per controller
up to 60,000 LEDs per group

Wifi controller

The Wi-Fi controller has one port, which can be expanded to two using the 'Port Splitter' multi-connector. This is useful, for example, when connecting two strings of 250 RGB or AWW LEDs together.
Twinkly offers different ways of using it:

  • without a smartphone: simply press a button on the controller to select preset effects.
  • with a smartphone: use the Twinkly app to quickly and easily create the animations you want.
  • with a local Wi-Fi network: get access to all the advanced features and capabilities of Twinkly, including group creation and access to online galleries.

Only when the Wi-Fi controller is connected to the local network can a group of controllers (up to 10 devices or up to 5,000 LEDs) be created.
The Wi-Fi connection between controllers is, of course, affected by the quality of the network.
The Wi-Fi controller cannot be grouped with the Ethernet controller.

Ethernet controller

The controller has 6 ports to which a maximum of 1,500 diodes can be connected (250 diodes per input).
The Ethernet controller does not have a Wi-Fi connection. In order to configure it with the Twinkly app, it must be connected to a Wi-Fi router (or alternatively to a Wi-Fi bridge). For this purpose, the controller is equipped with a 1.5m network cable.
The Ethernet controller works with a Wi-Fi connection or with or without an internet connection. If there is an internet connection, remote control is possible via the Twinkly Console web application.
When connecting multiple Ethernet controllers together, use a network switch or the new external Twinkly Connection Hub.

Twinkly PRO PLC Ethernet Controller 6 port

Twinkly Connection Hub

When connecting multiple Ethernet controllers together, use a network switch or the new external Twinkly Connection Hub. There is no need for a separate power supply for the Twinkly Connection Hub, as you can use the network cable of the Ethernet controller.

Twinkly Pro Connection Hub

III. LED mapping with Twinkly

Once the lights have been connected to the controller and groups of lights have been created, LED mapping takes place: the Twinkly app recognises the exact position of each LED and the 2D or 3D layout of the installation can be displayed on the screen.

There are different types of mapping to choose from:
2D: mapping of one side only, useful when mapping light curtains,
3D (front and rear): for mapping LEDs in front of and behind the tree,
3D (Multiple View): more precise mapping that requires multiple scans. Ideal for larger installations (requires internet connection).

Once the lights have been assigned, the application proposes a selection of lighting effects directly on the assigned model, which can be applied immediately.

Twinkly Pro LED

IV. Selection or creation of effects

Effects can be customised, for example by changing the colour or playback speed. Once an effect has been applied, it can be saved directly to the controller so that it can be played back even if it is not connected to the decoration. You can choose from the many effects already present in the app or download others from the online gallery.

You can also create new effects by selecting the appropriate function and drawing on the layout with your finger and also upload an image or video using the Twinkly Console web app to recreate the decoration.

Twinkly Pro LED

V. Managing the installation using Twinkly Console

With the Twinkly Console app, all Twinkly Pro installations can be managed remotely. In particular, all networked devices and selected effects are displayed.

With Twinkly Console, it is possible to create a group of different installations and synchronise the same effects in them. It is also possible to program on/off times and lighting effects. A true control centre for all Twinkly Pro installations!

What can you do with the app?

The Twinkly Pro app is only available for iOS devices from version 11 onwards.With the app you can:

  • configure controllers;
  • create controller groups;
  • map the LEDs;
  • select and change lighting effects from the gallery;
  • create new lighting effects.

The application is constantly being developed, with more and more features to come.

Twinkly Pro Application

Differences between Twinkly and Twinkly Pro

Two series of products developed to meet different requirements. Twinkly is designed for the private customer dealing with smaller installations and a limited number of LEDs. Twinkly Pro is designed for professionals who need to manage larger installations. In this case, higher quality and weatherproof products with resinised LEDs and thicker cables are required.

Professionals can use Twinkly Pro to programme on/off times, desired lighting settings and lighting effects, and remotely display and control the lighting installation in real time. Twinkly Pro works with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks.

  • Features
  • Advanced mapping
  • Fx Wizard (lighting effects creator)
  • Connects different products to multiple controllers
  • Music synchronisation (with optional accessory)
  • Voice control (Alexa or Google Home)
  • Video import
  • Twinkly console (remote control)
  • Max. number of RGB LEDs per controller
  • Max. number of RGB+W LEDs per controller
  • Max. number of AWW LEDs per controller
  • Max. number of LEDs supported
  • Twinkly PRO
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • With Wi-Fi controller
  • Not
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 1.500
  • 1.500
  • 1.500
  • 60.00
  • Twinkly
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Not
  • Not
  • 600
  • 400
  • 400
  • 6.000
FeaturesTwinkly PROTwinkly
Advanced mappingYesYes
Fx Wizard (lighting effects creator)YesYes
Connects different products to multiple controllersYesYes
Music synchronisation (with optional accessory)With Wi-Fi controllerYes
Voice control (Alexa or Google Home)NotYes
Video importYesNot
Twinkly console (remote control)YesNot
Max. number of RGB LEDs per controller1.500600
Max. number of RGB+W LEDs per controller1.500400
Max. number of AWW LEDs per controller1.500400
Max. number of LEDs supported60.006.000

The future of Twinky Pro

The development team behind Twinkly Pro is constantly working to improve the usability of the app and introduce new features that are useful for both professionals and individual customers. Another benefit is that the new features are immediately available to all, as they are activated by updating the app.

Our decorations will never become boring or outdated, they will always be improving.